What makes a successful product? It takes more than just great ideas and passion. It’s experience that makes the difference. We’ve developed hundreds of diverse products which work in the real world. Here’s a glance at what we’ve been working on…


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The intelligent lock for data centre cabinets.
The Sandvik xCell Cyclops™ Convergence System system uses state-of-the-art sensors and algorithms to measure the movement of surrounding rock and detect...
Unleash yourself from the bench with the world’s smallest wireless multimeter, DSO, and logger.
An intelligent, portable safety barrier system that protects workers across industry.
A new dish-washing tool with superior functional and aesthetic features for the trusted Chux® brand.
A fresh modern take on a classic laser tag gaming technology.
Enviromesh replaces traditional steel concrete reinforcing with a safer and environmentally conscious alternative.
The world’s first coinless trolley lock and GPS tracking system.
Youi SmartDriveTM is an innovative, low-cost, compact device that wirelessly monitors driving behaviours.
An iconic audiophile speaker system for creating three dimensional acoustic holograms.
NanoSURF provides fast and reliable administration of medication for treating sinus conditions.
A revolutionary, rapid mobile device charging system designed for use in bars, restaurants, hotels and airports.
A robust, high-precision smart antenna providing GPS positioning for the construction industry.
A passive fire collar that won’t fail.
Divvy is an access control device for the leasing of empty car spaces in commercial buildings.
The GAN Architectural Light is a high-quality, corrosion-resistant architectural light with IP66 weatherproof rating.
The Aura Baby Smart Sock gives parents peace of mind and helps them to reclaim much-needed sleep.
The next generation in autonomous 3D data capture
The world’s first all-in-one blood glucose meter with a 50 test cassette and fully integrated lancing device.
An intelligent energy monitoring system, providing full oversight and control of energy usage in the home.
The ReadySight™ Robot from Company Six Inc. is a rapid deployable robot for use in first response search and rescue operations, commercial inspection,...
Tappr’s Juvo system is a secure and portable mobile EFPOS terminal.
Full colour LED display screens, designed and manufactured in Australia.
The Embertec SmartSwitch™ is a power saving device for monitoring standby power in the home.
Empowering communities living without electricity through affordable, quality solar panels.
A powerful linear LED light system, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.
The EmbroideryConnect device wirelessly manages the transfer of embroidery designs to computer controlled embroidery machines.
The Makarlu Lotus is a stylish set of trigger point tools designed for rehabilitation in the pilates studio or at home.
The E-nizing Screen Motion Sensors provide accurate, real-time monitoring of mining vibrating screens.
The newest action packed dual-facing camera for fishing enthusiasts.
Answering the challenge of designing the world’s smallest, most versatile and affordable inspection robot.
Slumber Bum’s ‘Santi the Sloth’ is an interactive, cuddly companion that promotes sleep and play.
A functional and attractive 10-cup capacity water pitcher to expand the Brita product range.
An innovative lithium ion battery backup and health management system.
Nautitech is Australia’s largest supplier of underground Methane Shutdown and Broadband Communications with a commitment to improving the safety...
A solar-powered GPS ear tag that gives farmers insight into cattle movements.
Tap into the latest innovation in ultrasound probe high level disinfection.
A modular system for precision machine control in earth moving & construction equipment.
The Leica Jigsaw UHP is the next generation in high precision guidance, autonomous control and fleet management for mining operations.
SOLSAN is a solar powered bulk hand sanitiser dispenser that is installed in public spaces to promote good hand hygiene.
A 24/7 digital smart locker solution for last mile delivery of e-commerce packages.
With Smart-Idler® you never need to worry about your conveyor rollers again.
Sky Rigger takes fishing to another level by enabling drone pilots to safely fly a bait or lure out to sea and silently target fish from above.
Pokit PRO frees users from the bench to take their creativity to new places.
A sophisticated, innovative solution for key security and management.
The Valencia Technologies eCoin® is the first implantable tibial nerve stimulator approved by the FDA
A rugged GPS machine guidance interface for earth-moving machinery.
Experience a fully immersive virtual reality adventure anywhere, with the portable VR Smartview Headset.
The IoT Smart Sensor is a sleek yet robost set of intelligent sensors redefining traditional building asset maintenance.

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