Experience a fully immersive virtual reality adventure anywhere, with the portable VR Smartview Headset.

The Smartview virtual reality headset transforms any smart phone into an immersive VR experience. With a customisable flatpack design, premium virtual reality experiences can happen anywhere.

The flat pack VR Smartview headset unleashes the power of modern smart phones to provide the immersive experience usually given by high-end VR headsets, while still providing the flexibility and lower cost of cardboard flatpack headsets. This combination provides a premium on-the-go VR experience for all users.

Smartview’s VR headset is a robust and ergonomically designed product that allows the user to adjust both the optical and physical fit to produce a personalised VR experience. Each material used in the headset has been carefully selected to create a comfortable experience for the user, while ensuring recyclability and ease of cleaning after use.

Ingenuity and Smartview have put their collective experience together to create a headset that enables the phone in your pocket to create an incredible VR experience. With a low cost of entry and a truely immersive experience, Smartview’s VR headset enables premium brands such as Virgin Australia to incorporate the headset into their brand offering.