A functional and attractive 10-cup capacity water pitcher to expand the Brita product range.

Brita’s vintage water filtration pitcher is inspired by classic curved glass pitchers, and has a larger capacity than ever before.

Human-centred design that considers usability, functionality, manufacturability, and aesthetics is invaluable for homeware products. When Brita approached Ingenuity with the concept for a Vintage-style water filtration pitcher, we knew to approach the industrial design with this mindset. This meant conducting a competitor analysis and extensive research into what consumers found attractive in this style of pitcher. The design also needed to reflect the Brita brand character, which is known as ‘inspiring, intelligent, contemporary and approachable’.

The pitcher was to have a large 10-cup capacity, while flaunting a premium, stylish look suitable for a home dining setting. The volume requirement impacted on the design as the only way to achieve this size was with a large base. This shape required a new manufacturing approach with an ultrasonically welded base section to allow tooling and manufacture. After testing handle shapes, assessing volume and weight distribution of large volume pitchers, and prototyping, the shape was refined and fully machined prototypes were produced for consumer testing.

This project was the beginning of a long partnership between Ingenuity and Brita USA, with many new products for Brita’s range of water pitchers developed through this partnership. The Vintage pitcher designed by Ingenuity has gone onto be the most successful pitcher product that Clorox had ever launched.