TZ’s SlideHandle is an IoT enabled lock that replaces the traditional keyed locks used on modern data centre cabinets.

The security of data is increasingly becoming a higher priority for consumers and businesses. The traditional key lock used in data centres doesn’t provide the traceability and access control needed to ensure the safety of this data. The TZ SlideHandle meets this growing need and provides an intelligent locking solution that is fit for the 21st century.

TZ’s SlideHandle is an intelligent IoT enabled lock that allows data centre managers to control and track access to individual server racks or rooms via real time monitoring. The SlideHandle has been thoughtfully designed to integrate with leading brands in the server rack and cabinet market: it simply swaps in for the traditional key lock and with a single cable is connected to power and data in seconds. SlideHandle’s LED indicator ensures all uses are aware of the lock’s status. A simple traffic light interface (where Green is for open) ensures that there are no unlocked cabinets at the end of the day.

TZ has used the full scope Ingenuity’s design services to create a product offering that gives their clients a truly integrated and connected network of locks. This product has enabled TZ to provide locking solutions to a wide range of organisations, form small tech start-ups to large government and multinational companies, such as the City of New York’s DoITT department and NextDC.