Combining trusted mechanical systems with power of smart devices to bring unparalleled accountability and security for keys.

The loss of keys within the automotive industry is endemic. It can cost dealerships up to $3000 to replace a single set of lost keys, not including the hours wasted searching for missing keys.

Lockit’s Keyhound is an electronic key management system that provides dealerships with real-time insight into key locations. This ensures all keys are accounted for and truant staff can be corrected. Keyhound is the only key management system designed to log, register and track the location of hundreds of keys in real time.

The keys are safely stored in secure cabinets which economize on space, have removable key panels, and have an increased key capacity of up to 300 keys per cabinet. The smart device app communicates with the electronic system over secure Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to unlock the cabinets without an internet connection. The cabinets also connect to a web-based server, allowing users to monitor all their keys anywhere in the world.

Ingenuity worked alongside Lockit to design Keyhound ‘s electronics, embedded software, embedded Linux, smart-phone apps and the full web-based server that integrates with Lockit’s existing mechanical systems. Keyhound is the culmination of several years of design work, leading to a fully manufactured product and a strong working relationship between the two companies. The revolutionary nature of Keyhound has not gone unnoticed, with the system winning multiple awards, including the Best New Product and Physical Security awards, the ASIAL 2019 and a Good Design Award in 2019.