The GAN Architectural Light is a high-quality, corrosion-resistant architectural light with IP66 weatherproof rating.

The vision for this architectural enhancement was to create a high-quality, sleek, and efficiently powerful LED to project focused beams of light, allowing consumers to highlight their property.

The GAN Architectural Light combines sleek aesthetics with powerful internals, providing homeowners with stylish lighting options to illuminate their property. The GAN Accent Light utilises powerful, compact, and efficient LEDs to project focused beams of light, allowing consumers to highlight their property. This architectural enhancement can be used to highlight pathways, draw attention to plants and trees, or provide mood lighting for outdoor entertainment areas. A rotation angle of 315 degrees ensures that any direction can be covered, delivering versatile and efficient lighting solutions for every corner of your backyard.

The GAN range is housed in high-quality, corrosion-resistant brass. The IP66 weatherproof rating ensures protection against any weather conditions the product is likely to encounter. A range of different finishes and colours means a combination is suitable for any aesthetic.

GAN is an Australian lighting company that specialises in the design of high-quality, energy-efficient outdoor lighting suitable for various applications. With over 20 years of experience, GAN has partnered with Ingenuity to deliver quality lighting product. Ingenuity helped GAN to develop a wide range of LED lighting circuit boards, to meet different power output requirements and various lighting formats.. This included the development of remote dimming control systems used across GAN’s product range.