A passive fire collar that won’t fail.

The Fire Collar from Passive Fire Systems (PFS) prevents the spread of fire through a building’s plumbing during a multi-story fires event.

While fire collars are not a new concept, Passive Fire System’s Fire Collar is the next evolution in passive fire protection for multi-story buildings. The PFS Fire Collar uses a combination of expanding intumescent and mechanical shut-offs to stop fire spreading through the plumbing of multi-story buildings.

Many existing fire collars solely rely on the swelling of intumescent to close off the plumbing and stop the spread of fire. While this works in testing situations, over time intumescent can become wet due to moisture from cracked pipes or extreme levels of humidity, ultimately causing the fire collar to fail when needed. The PFS Fire Collar has overcome this issue with an intelligent two stage shut-off, using mechanical releases and expanding intumescent. This ensures a fast and effective shut-off every time. Further the Fire Collars’ form and stable base design creates a secure footing for vertical piping during construction, ensuring all plumbing is straight, true and safe once the slab is poured.

Ingenuity Design was able to harness the extensive experience and knowledge of Passive Fire Systems to develop a uniquely designed Fire Collar. This device not only passed the Australian Standard, but also gave PFS a product that will create confidence in the market and protect occupants of any building for a lifetime.