Enviromesh replaces traditional steel concrete reinforcing with a safer and environmentally conscious alternative.

Enviromesh is a corrosion resistant concrete reinforcing that creates a safer work environment for construction workers and reduces the environmental impact, compared to traditional steel reinforcing.

Traditional steel reinforcing used in the construction of concrete buildings has proven to cause workplace safety issues and impacts the long-term quality of buildings. It is difficult to transport, has a high environmental cost and causes countless injuries on building sites around the world. Ozsafe Industries’ Enviromesh is a modern solution that uses composite materials to create a concrete reinforcement structure that is lighter, stronger and safer than ever before.

Enviromesh is the next evolution in concrete reinforcing and it integrates seamlessly with current building practices. The composite rod and hat system require no extensive training and work in the same patterns as existing steel reinforcing. The reduced weight and flexibility of the system allows for assembly both onsite and in-factory. This, combined with elimination of sharp steel edges ensures the risk injury is minimised. The use of chemical resistant composite rods, Eviromesh eliminates the possibility of ‘concrete cancer’, ensuring the quality of buildings for years to come.

Ozsafe industries have worked with Ingenuity Design to create some of the most innovative building products, aimed at creating a safer, more efficient and environmentally conscious work environments. Enviromesh is an excellent example of how clever design can be used to improve traditional practices to help safety of workers and reduce our environmental impact.