The Nautitech Taurus is a Data Acquisition Device (DAD), strategically designed to monitor usage and operational patterns in high-value mining equipment

The device is built on an iMX6 ARM processor running Embedded Linux, and integrates a complex sensor network to log critical vehicle parameters in real-time. The unit logs monitors the vehicle via an automotive compliant (ISO 7637-2:2) CAN Bus 2.0 interface and uploads data to the intranet via Wi-Fi when the vehicle is above ground. The device is housed in a flameproof enclosure that is certified for Operation in explosive atmospheres. The enclosure is had been tested to withstand extreme conditions, including extreme vibration and repeated shock.

Nautitech is Australia’s largest supplier of underground Methane Shutdown and Broadband Communications with a commitment to improving the safety and productivity of hazardous areas. Our challenge was to develop a unit with an autonomous capability to monitor, log and communicate vehicle data in harsh and hazardous environment, resulting in a safer, more efficient environment for underground mining operations.

Ingenuity’s experience and expertise in designing intrinsically safe electronic devices to stringent mining standards, paired with Nautitech’s passion for innovating industry-first solutions, drove this collaboration to success.