Chux Dishwand zoom

A new dish-washing tool with superior functional and aesthetic features for the trusted Chux® brand.

The Chux® Dishwand was created to provide users with a convenient, hygienic and efficient tool for washing dishes, whilst extending on the company’s strong product range.

Everyone uses Chux®. Their products are reliable and versatile; allowing users to clean effectively and efficiently to claim back life’s precious moments. The goal for the Chux® Dishwand was to create a superior dishwashing product, both functionally and aesthetically, that would set the brand apart from its competitors and expand on its strong product range.

The Dishwand has been thoughtfully designed with a convenient, leak-proof handle that is filled with detergent for flow onto the non-scratch scourer. It has an ergonomic grip and can stand vertically on the kitchen bench, allowing the scourer to dry when not in use.

Ingenuity worked alongside the Clorox marketing and production departments to develop this product. The process involved several trips to the manufacturing facility in China to assist in the early stages of production and to ensure a high level of quality was delivered within a tight timeline.

Chux® is just one brand owned by The Clorox Company, a US$6 billion multinational manufacturer and marketer of consumer and professional products. Ingenuity has also worked extensively with Clorox, developing a highly successful range of water filtration products for the Brita brand.