The world’s first all-in-one blood glucose meter with a 50 test cassette and fully integrated lancing device.

The C50 is an all-in-one meter that eliminates the need for strip tests and waste disposal, making testing on-the-go possible and convenient.

Diabetes is a pervasive issue in Australia, with an estimated 1.2 million Australian adults having diabetes in 2017-18. The C50 is an all-in-one blood glucose meter, lancing device and 50 test cassette. It measures and monitors blood glucose levels, helping diabetics gain a deeper knowledge of their health and actively respond to any issues.

The C50 Blood Glucose Meter features an innovative design by combining three important mechanisms into a single device. The meter comes with 10 lancets, which are to be replaced every few readings. The lancets are protected within the body of the device, and their depth of penetration can be adjusted to reduce any pain. The cassette mechanism improves hygiene and convenience by storing used tests in a separate chamber of the cassette. The results of each test are wirelessly communicated to an IOS app via Bluetooth Low Energy, where users can view graphs, statistics and a logbook of all readings.

The Ingenuity team were involved in the hardware, firmware and IOS app development. It was challenge to create such a high-volume, low-cost device that was ultra-lower power. Ingenuity is passionate about products that improve lives, making it a pleasure to work alongside our client to overcome these challenges and develop this innovative blood glucose meter.