The vision was the create a compact, low-cost, low-power device that can conveniently unlock and track shopping trolleys.

Supermarket trolleys with coin locks are increasing inconvenient in a cashless society. Wheel locks require expensive infrastructure and result in trolleys obstructing thoroughfares. Our design challenge was to find a way to conveniently unlock and track trolleys.
The TDMN sMart Lock is the world’s first coinless trolley lock and GPS tracking system. With advanced communication technology, the sMart Lock is strategically designed to incentivise returns and reduce the cost of lost and stolen trolleys.

Thousands of discarded shopping trolleys pollute our streets, parklands, and waterways, becoming the bane of communities and governments. The sMart Lock™ reduces the environmental and economic impact of lost, stolen, and abandoned trolleys by incentivising returns and facilitating the ease of collection.

The sMart Lock™ combines the latest wireless IoT communications technologies, positioning systems and motion tracking to optimise for power, size and cost resulting in a product that exceeds its design and development objectives.

The sMart Lock™ securely attaches to the handle of a wide range of trolley types, allowing users to conveniently unlock a trolley by scanning a unique QR code on the lock using The Shop App. The system also maintains digital service records and individual usage statistics to provide retailers with additional operational efficiencies.

After several years of collaboration, Ingenuity created a product that embodies advanced human-centric technology for real-world solutions. We were responsible for developing the electronics, gateway, embedded software, enclosure, and service apps resulting in a complete Trolley Management System (The sMart Lock, The sMart Shop App, and Trolley Data Management Network). Our team assisted TDMN from ideation to manufacturing, and commercialisation. We’re thrilled to see our hard work recognised by becoming a 2021 Good Design Award Winner.