Experience Makes the Difference

It takes more than just great ideas and passion to create successful products. Experience makes a world of difference. With more than 10 years of expertise in a range of different industry segments, Ingenuity’s multidisciplinary team is equipped with the specialized insight needed to develop products for the real world. Our services cover all aspects of industrial design – including user research, competitor mapping, ideation workshops, concept sketching, foam/card mock-ups, ergonomics, 3D visualisation, prototyping, user testing, detailed 3D CAD modelling, Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA), certification and production tooling management. We can take an idea all the way through to a manufactured product and have mastered the balance between user centred design, engineering, and commercial requirements, leading to award-winning products.


Our Industrial Design Capabilities are Untouchable

The award winning team at Ingenuity have developed hundreds of products for a wide range of industries and applications, including automotive, consumer, mining, IoT and biomedical…


It is important to fully understand the client’s needs and desires for the new product, where this product will fit into a complex marketplace and what the competitive advantages of this new innovation will be. We conduct a series of discovery workshops to map the user requirements, the ideal technology solution, manufacturing options and the intended business outcomes using brainstorming, competitor matrix and ideation methodologies to extract and expand on this information, 

Concept Design

At Ingenuity, we are experts in concept design that is user centred, market focussed and provides value for our client’s businesses. We are commercially focussed and always find the best solution balancing aesthetics, functionality, engineering and manufacturing technology. This is implemented from the start, to ensure that we are developing the right product for the intended market, with the best chance at successful commercialisation.

3D Visualisation

Our team have a depth of experience in 3D visualisation using industry leading software to create photo-realistic images of new product concepts. These static images or animated videos can be used in pre-marketing or user testing during the development process.


Ingenuity has multiple 3D printers in our offices using industry leading technologies to enhance and speed up our development process. In addition we have a trusted network of suppliers for fast turn mock-up and production quality prototyping services in plastics, soft goods, sheet metal and machined materials.

Detailed 3D CAD Design

We use industry leading software to 3D model all of the components of the system and prepare complex assemblies incorporating custom electronics and third party components. Sophisticated simulation tools are used to assess mechanical properties, flow characteristics, dynamic movement, mouldability and assembly interferences.

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA)

We have extensive experience in detailed design for manufacture, engineering parts and components in complex assemblies for transition to successful manufacturing and production. We understand materials and manufacturing process limitations to ensure manufacturability, have a good understanding of production assembly methods and ensure quality control systems are implemented for the best product outcomes.

Compliance Engineering

We know how to develop products to meet stringent compliance requirements, such as electrical safety, intrinsic safety and medical device standards. We handle all aspects of the compliance process, including compliance planning, risk analysis, FMEA and managing certification labs.


The Ingenuity team can also design packaging for your new product. Packaging can be a simple shipping carton to protect the contents or could be a retail point of sale item that is highly visual and an important part of the user experience for the customer.


Award winning capabilities

We’re passionate about good design. It’s nice that others appreciate our design work too.
With over 35 awards under our belt, Ingenuity is renowned for creating innovative products that humans love.

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Oh, we’re certified

We set our own standards, but it’s good to know we’re also certified to:

Ingenuity’s quality culture permeates everything we do. Our quality processes and systems are second to none and ensure high-quality products.

Our work speaks for itself

At the core of Ingenuity is our passion for innovation and the development of exciting new electronic products which improve our world. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and skill built from years of experience, we’ve successfully brought hundreds of diverse products to life. Here’s a glance at what we’ve been working on.


Why work with us?

Commercially Focused

At Ingenuity, we design products that are commercially ready and are optimized for use in the real world.

Award winning design

Our products are cleverly designed, innovative and a pleasure to use. That’s why we have 35 awards under our belt.

Capabilities & experience

With 10 years of experience in developing hundreds of diverse products, we have the knowledge and skills needed to make extraordinary products a reality.

Quality, culture, & processes

Ingenuity’s quality culture permeates everything we do. Our quality processes and systems are second to none, ensuring high-quality products.