Youi SmartDriveTM is an innovative, low-cost, compact device that wirelessly monitors driving behaviours.

The SmartDriveTM device uses accelerometers and gyroscopes to detect driving behaviours, and analyses this via sophisticated algorithms. The device is secured to a vehicle’s windscreen and provides users with real-time visual feedback to encourage safety.

Youi SmartDriveTM utilises the latest nanotechnology motion sensors to track drivers’ every turn, acceleration, and break. It calculates speed on corners, analysing whether a driver is conforming to limits, and sends instant alerts via RGB indicators to reflect modest or aggressive driving behaviours. The device’s intelligent algorithms autonomously compensates for hills, speed-bumps, pot-holes, and vehicle roll ‒ ensuring drivers only receive necessary alerts. No wonder SmartDriveTM is the proud winner of a Good Design Award!

SmartDriveTM is ultra-low power, meaning it can analyse hours of driving behaviour per day, for approximately 1.5 years, before needing to replace the battery. It can also connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), allowing users to view journey statistics (such as distance, start-time, and duration) and view maps that indicate where driving events occurred. If enabled by the user, the app can even connect back to the internet to notify Youi (the insurer) of safe driving behaviour, so they can reward it.

The Ingenuity team had plenty of fun developing the Youi SmartDriveTM  ‒ particularly with testing the product on the race tracks. However, developing an ultra-lower power device that could understand vehicle dynamics and produce an algorithm to analyse driving behaviour was challenging. The scope of work we engaged in was extensive, including electronics, embedded software, engineering apps, server development, industrial design, premium packaging, and production systems. We also ensure compliance and certification for sale in Australia, Europe and the USA.