The Sandvik xCell Cyclops™ Convergence System system uses state-of-the-art sensors and algorithms to measure the movement of surrounding rock and detect any potential convergence and provide a real-time flow of data straight to safety managers.

The Sandvik xCell Cyclops™ Sensor utilises range finder laser sensors to take measurements up to 20m away within an accuracy of 2mm. It’s clever adjustable ball-mount mechanism allows for quick, easy and secure installation using a single Allen key.

Sandvik partnered with Ingenuity Design Group to design a compact, wireless sensing system that can be easily installed in both new and existing tunnel projects. The system uses a range finder laser sensor and advanced real-time data processing algorithms to take accurate measurements up to 20m away to detect the movement of surrounding rock and warn of any potential convergence. The durable sensor mounts to rock bolts already used extensively in tunnel walls and continuously measures distance to the opposite face for up to 3 years on a single battery charge. This data is collected instantly using WiFi (if available onsite) or by Bluetooth using an xCell Professor gateway device mounted to a mining vehicle as it travels through the tunnel before being uploaded to the cloud. The Sandvik dashboard provides the data in a clear and easy to manage format allowing operators to make critical decisions quickly.

The device has been designed for extreme environments, utilising multi-shot injection moulded shock resistant materials. The combination of materials used for the enclosure allow for optical clarity for effective laser transmission, and light diffusion for maximum visibility of the safety lighting.

Worker safety in a mining environment is paramount, and the dangers of tunnel collapse require complex monitoring to detect and avoid this potentially dangerous occurrence. Tunnel convergence is a common issue that poses significant safety risks for workers and is currently measured with manual and labour-intensive processes. Sandvik ‘s xCell Cyclops™ sensor and xCell Professor gateway device provides a solution that fits existing and new tunnel environments with minimal installation effort and identifies critical movements quickly and accurately to protect the safety of workers. The real-time data processing algorithms generate alerts and notifications when tunnel convergence exceeds acceptable thresholds, enabling proactive risk mitigation and ensuring worker safety. The system’s intuitive interface allows for easy customisation of alert settings, making it a valuable tool for tunnel safety management.

The xCell Cyclops™ Convergence System pushes the boundaries of new and innovative thinking in product design, offering a unique and valuable solution for tunnel safety management that is both imaginative and original in its approach. Ingenuity partnered with Sandvik to provide professional industrial design, smart electronics and intuitive software solutions resulting in a high-quality product, designed for the extreme environment of mining tunnels, that meets the needs of its users. The solution achieves long-term, measurable outcomes for improving worker safety, providing Sandvik a competitive edge in the market, and driving business growth.