The vision for Hovermap ST was to create a lightweight eye-catching device with autonomous functionality to collect more valuable data from harsh environments without concern for dust, rain, extreme temperatures, or humidity.

The Hovermap ST is the new standard in survey grade, autonomous LiDAR mapping. Some of the world’s largest mining networks can span thousands of kilometres of operational and decommissioned stopes. Geotechnical issues require active stopes and drives to be inspected regularly to detect and remedy hazards. Through precision engineering, robust drone autonomy and world-leading SLAM algorithms, the ST provides accurate LiDAR mapping to create 3D point cloud data for tunnels and critical underground infrastructure where GPS is unavailable.

The ST’s compact, lightweight, IP65 weather-sealed enclosure allows the mapping of harsh environments without concern for rain, dust, humidity or extreme temperatures. It is suitable for above or below-ground applications and can be easily switched between drone-mounted and ground-based scanning to provide the versatility needed to capture data anywhere. The Hovermap’s autonomous operation ensures that humans no longer need to enter hazardous environments, resulting in a safer workplace for all.

Our Industrial Designers and Engineers at Ingenuity worked closely with Emesent to assist with the mechanical design and electronic hardware development to create a stealthy, futuristic styling that supported the client’s brand language and reflected the advanced technology. Collaboration with the client was vital in coordinating hardware and software to develop the industry-leading Hovermap ST.