A solar-powered GPS ear tag that gives farmers insight into cattle movements.

The GPS Cattle Ear Tag provides farmers with complete visibility over cattle movements by tracking the herd over long distances and in remote areas without mobile coverage.

Knowing the location of cattle is incredibly valuable for farmers. The GPS Cattle Ear Tag gives farmers an increased awareness of cattle status, enables them to act efficiently when notified of any issues or possible injuries, and ultimately, have greater control over their herd. As a company that cares deeply for animal welfare, our client wanted to develop a product that gave farmers the necessary cattle visibility, yet minimized any harmful effects to the animals.

To achieve this, Ingenuity developed a safe and robust ear tag that is suitable for extreme conditions. The tags were designed to be light-weight, shock proof, scratch resistant, and water and dust resistant to IP67. They also incorporated anti-microbial properties to prevent infections. The tags use a single applicator, allowing them to swivel freely in a cow’s ear, thereby reducing irritation and increasing wearability compared to bulkier products on the market.

Although it was initially a challenge to adhere to strict requirements regarding cost, weight, robustness and animal safety, the Ingenuity team were able to meet all specifications and support the project to manufacture. It was a pleasure to work alongside our client to design a product that supports farmers to regain control over their farms, whilst also protecting their cattle.