A fresh modern take on a classic laser tag gaming technology.

Laserforce’s Gen8 Battlesuit and Phaser is a game changing leap in technology that enriches the gamer’s experience.

For years, the technology behind laser tag has remained unchanged. Laserforce has worked with Ingenuity on multiple projects over the years, yet the re-design of their Battlesuit and Phaser was the most exciting to date. Established in 1987, Laserforce has since become a laser tag pioneer in across manufacturing and operations and supplies their product globally.

Ingenuity rose to the challenge of integrating new and existing technology, ensuring that the product could stand the test of time, both functionally and aesthetically. This meant introducing a 5” display on the chest pack and a 3.5” touch screen on the phaser to enhance game-play and increase player engagement.

The phaser and chest pack incorporate aggressive styling with over-moulded soft-touch details for comfort and durability. The integrated LED lighting with a large spectrum of customisable colours identifies team players, the opposition, and playing status. Overall, this game-changing design is highly interactive for players, and provides the Laserforce system with an edge no other product on the market offers.