Divvy is an access control device for the leasing of empty car spaces in commercial buildings.

Divvy utilises the sharing economy by letting users book unused private car spaces in commercial buildings, giving them peace of mind and allowing property managers to be more space efficient.

In city CBDs across Australia, many private parking spaces are left empty while awaiting new tenants or monthly bookings. Divvy allows drivers to book available private car spaces in commercial buildings via and app to better utilize this empty space.

One of the big advantages of Divvy, is that it offers a consolidated hardware and software system. Divvy’s hardware is installed on top of an existing boom gate, with a system to monitor the status of each car space. When tenants arrive at the building gate, they simply scan a QR code generated by Divvy’s smartphone app, and their parking space booking details are processed. Divvy also provides a 24/7 call centre, allowing property managers to offer an improved service while making greater profit.

Ingenuity provided the product development capability and manufacturing support needed to bring Divvy to life. It is now running in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, with around 10,000 active app users and over 3000 spaces available across the three states.