A revolutionary, rapid mobile device charging system designed for use in bars, restaurants, hotels and airports.

The Discgo Charger offers a superior solution to traditional charging kiosks through the use of portable charging ‘pucks’.

Phone batteries seem to fail us at the most inconvenient moments: often when we are away from home and unable to access a charger. Traditional charging kiosks which sought to remedy this were disadvantaged, as they forced venue patrons to wait by the kiosk or leave their phones in a locker.

Discgo Charger brings unparalleled convenience, providing an innovative solution to venues and patrons caught off-guard by an uncharged phone.

The system consists of a Base Charger and five rechargeable Pucks. The Pucks are compact, portable devices that rapidly charge up to two mobile devices simultaneously. The Pucks can be used with a wide range of mobile devices including phone, tablets, and media players from a variety of vendors. Patrons can simply request a Puck from venue staff and take it with them to charge their device.

Discgo Charger allows venues to wirelessly page Pucks, causing them to flash and beep for easy location. The system displays the real-time operating status and charge levels of each Puck in the venue, enabling staff to conveniently identify and characterise Pucks. The Pucks are also designed with a clear plastic cover, under which proprietary advertising can be placed.

Ingenuity designed the electronics and embedded software for Discgo, and also provided manufacturing support through developing test jigs and production systems. The result was a robust product, with a long life span, that was a huge success. Discgo took home a Good Design award, and there is now over 10,000 Discgo units in service.