Socius Technology’s Battery Management System and Protection Unit allows users to remotely monitor, control, protect and manage batteries.

Socius Technology, in collaboration with Ingenuity, have created a Battery Management System that monitors large lithium ion battery banks for server room backup power. It allows remote monitoring of battery status over the internet via SNMP, providing voltage measurement, over voltage, over current, under voltage, and thermal information.

Failures in high power battery systems can be catastrophic, and therefore, having battery management safety system is crucial. Safety is maintained by the Battery Protection Unit, which is a radio-connected wireless cell balancer and thermal monitor for large battery systems. This means there is no requirement to wire-up individual cells, and the system can monitor up to 30 cells at a time. The system also allows for traditionally-used lead acid batteries to be replaced by lithium batteries, and ensures that they are safe to use.

Ingenuity worked closely with Socius to develop the electronics, embedded software, and the enclosure for the Battery Management System. More specifically, we were involved in the development of an embedded web server, embedded Linux, micro controllers, high-current electronics, and proprietary radio protocol. We also provided production support by undertaking a cost-reduction exercise and developed automated test jigs to improve production efficiency and quality.