Ingenuity is an industry leader in developing complex, technology-driven electronic products for real-world problems. Utilising our multi-disciplinary design and engineering team, we have assisted hundreds of businesses over the past 11 years to transform their ideas into commercial success stories.

Because of this commitment, Ingenuity has received multiple awards and recognitions, including a 2022 Good Design Gold Winner for Emesent’s Hovermap ST.

Here is what the jury commented:

“There is an increasing demand to capture data from anywhere, and autonomous drones are now having to operate and remotely communicate live data from extremely harsh environments. Through the combination of precision engineering, world-leading SLAM algorithms and robust drone design, the Hovermap ST delivers a new standard in autonomous LiDAR mapping that removes the laborious, inefficient and often dangerous tasks undertaken by teams of surveyors. With its well considered design around thermal management and vibration dampening within the IP65-rated enclosure, the Hovermap ST plug-and-play lightweight design also offers flexibility to the operator by allowing its payload to be easily mounted onto a backpack, pole, or cage. Whether aerial or ground-based scanning, its collision avoidance, stability control and smart Return-to-Home functions ensure the 3D mapping is not only kept safe, but is safe to use. The implications for this technology is applicable to multiple industries globally and the judges had no hesitation in awarding the Hovermap ST a Gold Good Design Award – congratulations”

In 2019, Emesent approached us with the challenge of developing their next generation intelligent scanning device that strategically integrates advanced collision avoidance and autonomous flight technologies to map hazardous environments in 3D.

From the outset, we aimed to design a payload that enhanced current specifications, resulting in a lighter, more powerful unit with IP65 Certification and reduced energy consumption. The device needed to be shock, vibration, and weather-resistant to withstand a wide range of harsh conditions, alleviating the need for humans to enter dangerous environments. We wanted to maintain Emesent’s existing styling, whilst introducing a stealthy, durable aesthetic that communicated the new and improved features of the device. Thermal management was a key challenge being a completely sealed enclosure. We overcame this through extensive simulation and testing, with the solution including an actively cooled heat-sink. We’re thrilled to have met and exceeded all design and development expectations.

As world leaders in drone autonomy, we’re thrilled to be Emesent’s primary collaborators in developing The Hovermap ST and look forward to all that is ahead as they continue to revolutionise the mining, infrastructure, survey, and mapping industries.


Dan Murphy
Industrial Design Lead
Ingenuity Design Group