A modular system for precision machine control in earth moving & construction equipment.

The modular Z-Stack system is designed to bring unmatched accuracy to all facets of Machine Control in the construction industry to suit Motor Graders, Dozers, Excavators and Pavers.

The system seamlessly integrates GPS, optical targeting, and Z-beam reception into one unit by interlocking the required sensing technologies in one rugged “stack.”

The product was subject to extensive rigorous environmental and electrical testing to ensure it could stand up to the extreme conditions experienced when installed on board construction machinery. It combines time-proven Topcon positioning technologies into one multifunctional, consolidated and complete system that provides better accuracies and more efficient paving than ever before.

Our team worked closely with Topcon’s product development departments in the United States, Japan and Australia to ensure seamless integration with existing products and systems, as well as integration with the new Z-Robot total station.