A powerful linear LED light system, ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.

The Viento linear LED light combines exceptional quality, innovation and technology to illuminate and embellish architectural environments.

Lighting is a core component of architectural design used by creators to transform spaces. However, the power of lighting goes beyond aesthetics: it needs to be underpinned by smart design. Australian-owned lighting manufacturer Megabay have embraced this mentality in their approach to lighting. They partnered with the Ingenuity team to work on the industrial design of the Viento Linear LED light.

The Viento incorporates intelligent design to ensure it is durable, reliable, high quality and attractive. The light is easy to install and can be used in a variety of conditions, including indoor, outdoor, underwater and extreme weather. Its use of high-quality components ensures outstanding performance and its excellent heat transfer properties provide an impressive energy efficiency.

Beyond its robust composition and exceptional functionality, the Viento displays a sleek aesthetic, born from a minimalist design approach and an attention to detail. This slimmer profile ensures the Viento incorporates seamlessly into any setting to deliver a beautiful light.