The IoT Smart Sensor is a sleek yet robost set of intelligent sensors redefining traditional building asset maintenance.

The vision for the IoT Smart Sensor was to create a small, sleek, and powerful set of sensors with wireless gateways to easily track temperature, humidity, flooding, lighting, energy consumption and more.

The IoT Smart Sensor is a small, sleek, robust set of sensors that completely redefine traditional building asset maintenance and management. Strategically placed sensors gather information about a building’s status and performance, providing the data necessary to optimise energy consumption, space usage and precinct asset breakdown.

These intelligent sensors alert maintenance teams when areas need attention, ensuring problems are taken care of before they cause disruptions. With the availability of cloud infrastructure and wireless gateways, the sensors require no special software to run, resulting in an easily accessible means of tracking temperature, humidity, flooding, lighting, energy consumption and more. By providing continuous visibility over assets, operating expenses can be reduced by up to 40% while reducing the risks of asset failure.

Urbanise is a cloud-based platform developer that delivers online services to buildings and their occupants. Our team worked closely with Urbanise to enhance and develop the hardware for the IoT Smart Sensor, which has mobilised its mission to improve the built environment industry.