SOLSAN is a solar powered bulk hand sanitiser dispenser that is installed in public spaces to promote good hand hygiene.

SOLSAN is a touchless public hand sanitising station that was introduced in West Australia in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. With units located across Perth’s busiest pedestrian arterial walkways, stations and venues, the development of the SOLSAN project demanded a truly universal approach to design.

SOLSAN is a solar powered bulk hand sanitiser dispenser that can be easily installed in public spaces to promote good hand hygiene and reduce the transmission of communicable diseases. Interactions with the SOLSAN Station are optimised, ensuring height and dispenser size are comfortable and intuitive to accommodate the full range of public accessibility, including 95 percentile males and wheelchair users. Refilling was also a key consideration for easy, ergonomic, and safe maintenance.

The hardware integrates smart technology and 4G communication to measure dispenser levels and send alerts to maintenance when refilling is required. With a capacity of 30 litres, each unit dispenses 37,500 shots of sanitiser before requiring a refill, saving on plastic usage and servicing thousands of public patrons. In addition, the station incorporates a system of sensors to alert maintenance of misuse or vandalism. Its utilisation of solar power, environmentally conscious construction and local manufacture are attributed to the overriding desire for socially responsible design.

Each SOLSAN station features unique West Australian local art, with units in metropolitan areas showcasing that of Whadjuk Noongar artist Kevin Bynder. We are proud to have worked with our client and the West Australian Government to provide a means to the community to promote good hygiene habits, and to create products that have long-lasting and positive impacts on the wider community.