An intelligent, portable safety barrier system that protects workers across industry.

Safetape is a unique, cloud-based safety barrier system designed to monitor and protect safety exclusion zones.

Accidents and incidents within industry workplaces are extremely burdensome, both for industries and workers. In 2012, the number of shipping incidents related to Australian vessels was 50% higher than the average amount across the precious 2005-11 period. Safetape improves industry safety by electronically monitoring access to dangerous areas, thus reducing injuries and saving lives worldwide.

he initial concept was to provide increased safety on cargo ships during loading times by outlining the perimeter of dangerous areas and monitoring intrusions.

Since then, the product has grown into one of the most innovative and effective safety solutions, extending beyond the shipping industry to include rail and mining industries.

The product consists of three components, wirelessly working together in synergy:

  1. the spring-loaded safety tape for marking perimeters
  2. a custom proprietary mesh network, which accounts for redundancy by ensuring that important messages have multiple pathways back to the notification device
  3. a proximity censor for local alerts and communication back to other devices in the network.

Ingenuity was involved in developing the electronic hardware and software for Safetape. We used the framework our client had created as a springboard for the development of a robust, reliable, enterprise-scale system using the latest technology. We extended the products’ central components by also developing ultrasonic sensing, a proprietary LoRa gateway for connection to the Azure cloud-based system, encrypted NFC cards for authorization, and wireless rechargeable batteries for the tape systems. These elements work together to improve the reliability of the safety system and better protect industry workers.