NasoSURF provides fast and reliable administration of medication for treating sinus conditions.

The NasoSURF is a hand-held, ultrasonic nasal mesh nebulizer that atomizes medication for administration directly via the nasal cavity.

Sinus conditions are one of the most common care presentations in Australia, with 1.4 in every 100 GP visits relating to acute or chronic sinusitis. These conditions can be quite painful and debilitating for patients, and the need for efficient relief is paramount.

NasoSURF delivers significant volumes of medication, quickly and reliably. It does this by using ultrasonic excitation to nebulize medication for administration directly into the patient’s nasal cavity. In comparison to manual sprays, the NasoSURF uses a micro-mesh to create a fine mist with consistent droplet size, which results in faster absorption of medication.

The NasoSURF automatically sets dosage programs by simply scanning the medication packaging using RFID. Users can track their device operation and dosage history via the OLED display or the Bluetooth connected Smartphone App. Unlike other nebulizers which are bulky and mains-powered, the NasoSURF is compact and rechargeable. It operates for one month on a single charge and is completely portable. The product has also been designed with personal hygiene in mind, as each component of the NasoSURF can easily be removed for washing.

The Ingenuity design team is passionate about developing products that help people, including those that improve human health. We worked alongside our client to integrate the electronics with the device enclosure, manufacture prototypes, setup production and support clinical trials. We also ensured to develop the electronics and embedded software to meet ISO 13485 Medical Device Standards.