The Makarlu Lotus is a stylish set of trigger point tools designed for rehabilitation in the pilates studio or at home.

Makarlu has transformed studio props and exercise tools for Pilates and Physiotherapy. Designed for movement, the magnetic nested domes are configurable for individual needs, from early rehabilitation to highly conditioned athletes.

The Makarlu Lotus is the perfect balance between a versatile studio tool and portable rehabilitation aid. Designed for movement, the product consists of three nesting domes and a convex timber base that all connect magnetically. The domes accommodate a wide range of individual needs and exercises through the combination of different textures, varied sizes and the ability to adjust the firmness.

Body Organics have also developed structured exercise plans that are tailored to the use of the Makarlu Lotus, to improve the rehabilitation experience. Ingenuity worked closely with Body Organics to focus their extensive knowledge of rehabilitation aids into an attractive center-piece that can be displayed decoratively when not in use.

The product’s aesthetic draws inspiration from the Lotus flower, starting from a hard-smooth seed on the inside to a soft blooming flower on the outside. The design highlights Body Organics’ aim to connect users with nature in addition to treating their health and wellbeing. The excellence of this design was further acknowledged when Markarlu Lotus took home a Good Design Award Gold in 2018.