The LED Signs display images in real-time and are scalable up to full HD video. They are customisable, full colour and weatherproof.

Ingenuity was engaged with the client to help with their immediate issues: a lack of confidence in their offshore suppliers and a need for control over their IP. However, when our client learned about Ingenuity’s capabilities, they felt confident that our team could help them in a broader context and shared more about the goals of their business. Ingenuity then undertook a number of projects to design a suite of new products, enabling our client to achieve their plans for success.

We supported our client to gain control of their IP and facilitate the Australian manufacture of the LED Sign System. Improvements were made on the functional reliability of the screen system and we also addressed existing failure modes in order to reduce warranty claims. Working alongside our client, we made the LED screens more power efficient, lighter in weight, simpler, and more cost-effective to produce – while using only quality components. We also developed the system with a future product road-map in mind, therefore ensuring that the product has room to evolve and upgrade with changing market needs.

The LED Sign System was a technically challenging project which is able to stream high-definition video in sync to hundreds of individual LED tiles in a modular display. This occurs in real time without any visible tearing or flashing, even when filmed for televised sports. This was made possible using complex high-speed digital design techniques, such as impedance control, length matching, video processing, redundant gigabit ethernet and thermally efficient materials. The FPGA platform Ingenuity developed allowed for the real-time performance to be achieved using custom and proprietary Verilog IP cores, and soft-core microprocessors.