A rugged GPS machine guidance interface for earth-moving machinery.

The Topcon GX55 is a powerful, rugged and compact operator interface, with an inbuilt fitting system for machinery and the ability to interact while driving.

The design of the Topcon GX55 was driven by real-world requirements and innovative thinking, which is why it is made to fit into space-constrained cabs of earth-moving machinery. The IP67-rated device is smaller, lighter, more powerful and easier to use than any other comparable machine control interface. It provides operators with real-time feedback for pitch, roll and yaw data via the integrated LED light bar, and mm-accurate site information via the high-resolution touch screen.

The GX55 is designed with a high-brightness 7″ touch screen to display Topcon’s embedded 3D-MC software, which is visible in daylight and can be used with gloves. The forward-facing speaker is optimized for use in high ambient noise environments and is capable of full speech frequency range operation.

Ingenuity group worked alongside the Australian Topcon team to develop this market-leading machine guidance interface for global business. The extensive process of prototyping and market testing throughout the development of the GX-55 was critical to the success of the product.