An intelligent energy monitoring system, providing full oversight and control of energy usage in the home.

Emberpulse monitors energy use 24/7 and gives tailored advice on how to reduce associated costs to capitalise on solar-powered systems.

The Emberpulse is the central hub of a system that enables users to monitor their energy usage in real-time via a smartphone app. The device is wireless, simple to set up, and signals energy use through the changing colour of LED lights.

Emberpulse helps homeowners save money and use energy smarter through notifications that identify when it is financially advantageous to use solar energy. Through the app, users can also identify the most cost-effective electricity plan available. Further, Emberpulse allows users to control air conditioning, lights and other appliances remotely with the supported accessories, Emberiq and Emberlux.

Ingenuity was commissioned to work on the industrial design aspects of the Emberpulse, with a focus on simplifying the life of consumers. The product was designed to be a low cost, high volume production – yet maintain Embertec’s expectations of a high level of quality.