A high-quality brewing device for the specialty coffee market.

  • Industrial Design
  • Manufacturing

The vision for Trinity ONE was to create an eye-catching, intuitive brewing device the produces high-quality specialty coffee with a consistent taste.

The Trinity ONE is the coffee connoisseur’s go-to device for brewing specialty coffee. Combining six brewing methods in one device, Trinity ONE reduces bench top clutter and provides a functional, minimalist brewing experience.

This innovative coffee press was developed, launched and successfully funded on the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, following the vision of Trinity Coffee Co. founder, Mark Folker. His goal was to create a simple, stylish bench-top device that would use a weighted cylinder to produce a consistent cup of coffee.

The Trinity ONE can be used for pour over, gravity press, batch brew, espresso style, French press and cold drip. The incorporation of a 2.26kg Press Cylinder allows coffee to be pressed by itself via the gravity press method. The Trinity ONE’s Filter head is removable to ensure easy cleaning, and can hold a paper or metal disc filter for brewing pour over method. The Filter Head also brings unparalleled versatility through a twin spouted flow control feature, which allows users to retain coffee within the insulated chamber or to steep grounds for as long as desired.

Ingenuity was involved in the project from its infancy, focusing initially on industrial design, then moving to manage the volume manufacturing stages. Extensive prototyping and testing was conducted to ensure that the design performed reliably and was suitable for production. The Ingenuity team is proud to have designed a product that has been displayed at worldwide coffee exhibitions, won various awards and led to a successful business for our client.