Redefining traditional building management and asset maintenance.

Urbanise IoT Smart Sensors monitor commercial environments, improving visibility for building managers and allowing proactive responses

The Urbanise IoT Smart Sensors are an incredible asset for building managers, helping them identify key building issues while reducing maintenance processes and operational costs. The Sensor Network provides diagnostics on the commercial environment by monitoring a wide variety of parameters, including temperature, light, motion, humidity and flooding. The ruggedized sensors can be retrofitted to an office, and produce diagnostic reports on building health through communication to a server.

Although Urbanise had already developed an excellent product, they endeavoured to make their sensors more reliable and increase their range, whilst maintaining security and reducing costs. They approached Ingenuity to support them in achieving these improvement goals.

Our team architected a new solution, involving ultra-low power sensors that run for 18 months on a button cell battery and a LoRa radio proprietary protocol that can communicate for up to two kilometres using the lasts 4G connection. This increase in radio-range enabled a higher sensor-to-gateway ratio, leading to reduced installations and management costs.

Achieving these goals meant we drew on many of Ingenuity’s disciplines, including electronics, embedded software and embedded Linux.

Through this project, Ingenuity was afforded the opportunity for play a key part in a global development team. Despite Urbanise being a multinational company with elements of their team dispersed around the globe, together we were able to successfully bring this product to fruition.