The Aura Baby Smart Sock gives parents peace of mind and helps them to reclaim much-needed sleep.

The Smart Sock allows parents to monitor and track their babies vital signs and sleeping patterns in real-time on their Smart Phone – without disturbing their baby.


The Aura Baby Smart Sock monitors a baby’s heart rate, blood oxygen level, movement and temperature. It streams data in real-time to a parent’s Smart Phone via Bluetooth and notifies them when their baby’s parameters are outside designated ‘safe zones’.

Parents can track their baby’s wellbeing and sleeping patterns through the intuitive companion app, and create healthy routines for their baby. The ‘Smart Sock’ is lightweight and ergonomic, making it comfortable for a baby to wear.

Ingenuity assembled an expert, multi-disciplinary team to develop the Aura product. The team consisted of electronics engineers, embedded programmers, industrial designers, UX designers and compliance engineers. We worked closely with the client to enhance their brand and design a product that complies with stringent Medical Device standards.