Experience Makes the Difference

It takes more than just great ideas and passion to create successful products. Experience makes a world of difference. With 10 years of expertise under our belt, Ingenuity’s multidisciplinary team is equipped with the specialized insight needed to develop products for the real world. We engage in all aspects of electronics development – from concept development and electronics design, to prototyping, certification and manufacturing. We have mastered the balance between design, engineering, and commercial requirements, leading to award-winning products.



Our Power Electronics Capabilities are Unparalleled

The Ingenuity team have developed multiple products various industries and applications, including commercial and automotive…

Preliminary Design

At Ingenuity, we are experts in power electronic technology consulting, reliability, and feasibility studies. Right from the start, this ensures our products utilize the latest and most appropriate technologies for the application. We also engage in system architecture design, topology selection, and specification development.


The Ingenuity team is experienced in component, circuit, and system-level simulations, using real-world data to verify results, improve accuracy and speed up the development process.

Circuit Design

The Ingenuity team engages in all aspects of analogue and digital circuit design including simulation, schematic capture, PCB layout and prototyping.

PCB Layout

Our team are professionals in laying out complex, multilayer, high-speed, high voltage and high power circuit boards. We love a challenge, and are skilled in pushing space and design constraints to miniaturize layouts.

High Voltage

We have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to design for voltages up to 1500V.

High Power

We have the experience and equipment to design power electronics capable from single watts to hundreds of kilowatts. 

Motor Control

Our dedicated embedded software team are sophisticated problem solvers. They do everything from developing complex 4 quadrant control systems to coding for resource-constrained microcontrollers.

Custom Magnetics Design

We are skilled in designing high power and high frequency magnetics for converters and inverters.

Hardware in the Loop (HIL)

Ingenuity performs real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) testing to aid in the development of a product and rapid control prototyping

Functional Safety Compliance (ISO 26262)

We have experience developing automotive products according to the ISO 26262 Functional Safety Process.  We handle all aspects of the compliance process, including compliance planning, risk analysis, FMEA/FMEDA and managing certification labs.

Electromagnetic Compliance Engineering

We understand EMC and know how to develop products for compliance.

Mechanical Design

We are skilled in designing our products to survive rugged environments and are designed for optimal thermal transfer, withstanding shock and vibration, and Ingress Protection.

Production Engineering

The Ingenuity team understand the manufacturing process, enabling us to design products for high volume manufacturing. We develop product test systems, including automated test jigs, that maximize manufacturing yields and through-put.


Award winning capabilities

We’re passionate about good design. It’s nice that others appreciate our design work too.
With over 35 awards under our belt, Ingenuity is renowned for creating innovative products that humans love.

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Oh, we’re certified

We set our own standards, but it’s good to know we’re also certified to:

Ingenuity’s quality culture permeates everything we do. Our quality processes and systems are second to none and ensure high-quality products.

Our work speaks for itself

At the core of Ingenuity is our passion for innovation and the development of exciting new electronic products which improve our world. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and skill built from years of experience, we’ve successfully brought hundreds of diverse products to life. Here’s a glance at what we’ve been working on.


Why work with us?

Commercially Focused

At Ingenuity, we design products that are commercially ready and are optimized for use in the real world.

Award winning design

Our products are cleverly designed, innovative and a pleasure to use. That’s why we have 35 awards under our belt.

Capabilities & experience

With 10 years of experience in developing hundreds of diverse products, we have the knowledge and skills needed to make extraordinary products a reality.

Quality, culture, & processes

Ingenuity’s quality culture permeates everything we do. Our quality processes and systems are second to none, ensuring high-quality products.