Experience Makes the Difference

It takes more than just great ideas and passion to create successful products. Experience makes a world of difference. With more than 11 years of expertise in a range of different industry segments, Ingenuity’s multidisciplinary team is equipped with the specialised insight needed to develop products for the real world. We’ve built one of the world’s most comprehensive design teams, working side-by-side with a common goal. The result is a more efficient, integrated design process, with a single point of accountability. We strive to develop innovative, human-centred products using skills spanning all design disciplines.


Our Product Design Capabilities are Untouchable

The award winning team at Ingenuity have developed hundreds of products for a wide range of industries and applications, including automotive, consumer, mining, IoT and biomedical…

Electronics Design

We engage in all aspects of electronics hardware development – from technology selection, system architecture and preliminary electronics design, to prototyping, certification and manufacturing. This includes Analogue & Digital Circuit Design, RF Circuit Design, VHDL Development, Schematic Capture and PCB Layout. We specialise in complex multi-layer, high speed circuit boards that are space and power constrained in miniaturised formats. We are also experienced in developing FPGA logic for high-speed systems.

Industrial Design

Our Industrial Design team are experienced in User Research, Competitor Mapping, Ideation Workshops, Concept Sketching, Foam/card Mock-ups, Ergonomics, 3D Visualisation, Prototyping, User Testing, Detailed 3D CAD Modelling, Design for Manufacture and Assembly, (DfMA), Certification and Production Tooling Management. We can take an idea all the way through to a manufactured product and have mastered the balance between user centred design, engineering, and commercial requirements.

Embedded Software Development

At Ingenuity we have extensive embedded software development capabilities. Our software team is experienced in developing software spanning low-power, resource constrained microcontrollers though to complex Linux based systems. We have specialist capabilities in developing system integrating UIs, end-to-end encryption, internet connectivity, complex algorithms and sophisticated wireless communications networks. We can do custom Linux builds, integration of 3rd party SOMs and full custom device development.

System Design

We are experienced in Technology Development and System Architecture Design for new product development. This includes Specification Writing, Standards Research and Compliance, Feasibility Studies, UX Design, Usability Studies, Research Reports and Product Costing Estimation.

Server Development

Our Server development includes Backend/API server development, Web-App and GUI development, as well as deployment and provisioning of cloud-based or on-premise server infrastructure.

App Development

We have extensive experience in App Development including Web, Native iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile App Development and PC Application Programming.

Compliance & Certification

We know how to develop products to meet stringent compliance requirements, such as electrical safety, intrinsic safety and medical device standards. We handle all aspects of the compliance process, including compliance planning, risk analysis, FMEA and managing certification labs. We have audited certification to ISO13485 for Medical Device Quality Management of Electronics Hardware Development and Industrial Design, and our Medical Device Software complies with IEC62304 Software Lifecycle Processes.


The Ingenuity team has extensive experience in manufacturing for all types of products. This includes component parts, through to PCBA’s and full box build product assemblies tested and ready to ship. We have trusted partnerships with local and off-shore manufacturers. We prepare detailed manufacturing documentation for plastics, metals and electronic components and produce test jigs, with quality documentation for assembly and final unit testing. We manage the pilot production process with the supplier before handover to our clients along with a complete manufacturing package.


Award winning capabilities

We’re passionate about good design. It’s nice that others appreciate our design work too.
With over 35 awards under our belt, Ingenuity is renowned for creating innovative products that humans love.

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Oh, we’re certified

We set our own standards, but it’s good to know we’re also certified to:

Ingenuity’s quality culture permeates everything we do. Our quality processes and systems are second to none and ensure high-quality products.

Our work speaks for itself

At the core of Ingenuity is our passion for innovation and the development of exciting new electronic products which improve our world. Drawing on a wealth of knowledge and skill built from years of experience, we’ve successfully brought hundreds of diverse products to life. Here’s a glance at what we’ve been working on.


Why work with us?

Commercially Focused

At Ingenuity, we design products that are commercially ready and are optimized for use in the real world.

Award winning design

Our products are cleverly designed, innovative and a pleasure to use. That’s why we have 37 awards under our belt.

Capabilities & experience

With 11 years of experience in developing hundreds of diverse products, we have the knowledge and skills needed to make extraordinary products a reality.

Quality, culture, & processes

Ingenuity’s quality culture permeates everything we do. Our quality processes and systems are second to none, ensuring high-quality products.